Persona Education Newsletter, May-23

Persona Education newsletter May-23 - Resources to help students prepare for exams


A free trial of Persona Life Skills includes our 'Preparing for Exams' and 'Self Love' modules. Simple steps towards self awareness and managing time and emotions, can help a lot.

Persona Life Skills is the only personal development platform with personality insights at its heart, where students age 13-19 develop social-emotional life skills to boost their wellbeing and employability.  

As exams loom, the pressure on students can be overwhelming, affecting their self-belief, wellbeing and ability to perform on the day. Two modules free to access when you register a Persona Life Skills account can help students self-manage: 1. In our 'Self Love' module, students learn how to be more compassionate to themselves and become their own best friend. 2. In the 'Preparing for Exams' module, students reflect on how they cope in the lead up, and learn tips for managing their time and emotions.

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Video: Introducing Persona Life Skills social-emotional online learning

Video: Personality insights social-emotional e-learning for year 9-13, with Persona Life Skills


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Students gain focus, reduce anxiety in Persona Life Skills pilot

Seth M.R. Jaipuria Schools group in India has successfully completed a Persona Life Skills pilot with over 1,000 students. Students reported their learning focus benefited, anxiety reduced and they gained confidence. 94% said they learnt how to improve the targeted skills.

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Global Independent Schools Association knowledge partner 

Persona has accepted an invitation from the Global Independent Schools Association (GISA) to become a Knowledge Partner. As a subject matter expert, we will share our expertise, research and insights with GISA members and other stakeholders.

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Weaving Social-Emotional Learning into the curriculum

The whole May-23 issue of ScooNews was dedicated to the why and how of Social- Emotional Learning, including an article by Manjeet Kaur at Seth M.R. Jaipuria Schools about how they are using the Persona Life Skills online personal development platform to improve wellbeing, academic success and employability.

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Create a free Persona Life Skills teacher account and use it with as many students as you like, for as long as you like. No download; no installation. With ready-made modules and built-in guidance, any teacher can facilitate the learning.

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Where next on our EdTech journey?

At Persona Education we strongly believe – and there is a growing mountain of robust research to support this – that schools and colleges everywhere must now equip their students to navigate life challenges.

An academic-centric approach is no longer going to serve young people well, as they venture out into the 21st Century world of work. They need transferable skills.

We recently published our white paper, a Guide to Student Personal Development in Secondary Schools and Colleges which includes references to many pieces of research supporting this view. It includes lots of ideas and resources to help you with your student Personal Development and Social-Emotional Learning programme.

The white paper brings together all our thinking since founding Persona Education, and serves as a blueprint for the priority areas we will be focusing on in future.

Download it for free here, or scan this QR code:

Persona Education white paper download QR code - Student Personal Development

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Best wishes,

Pete Read
CEO & Co-founder

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