Social-emotional e-learning for schools and colleges

Persona Life Skills is a unique, online personality insights approach to social-emotional learning for secondary students, designed for the classroom, blended learning or remote learning.

Build student wellbeing and employability from age 13 to 19. Improve academic performance, and hit Ofsted, ISI, IB or other personal development framework targets. Reduce PSHE and SEL teacher workload.

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Hit student personal development targets.

Hit student personal development targets.

Student wellbeing is at the top of every school’s agenda, and is now a priority for Ofsted, ISI, IB and other frameworks.


Persona Life Skills builds student wellbeing and employability by developing 22 social-emotional life skills across six skillsets: 1. Being realistic, 2. Communication, 3. Open-mindedness, 4. Self-control, 5. Problem solving, 6.Resilience. 

Monitor social-emotional learning progress.

Monitor social-emotional learning progress.

Help your students navigate their life journey, with our evidence based learning.


Combined psychology and pedagogy informs our curriculum, guiding pupils to know themselves, understand others and adapt their thinking, communication and behaviour. Monitor their progress in our dashboard, at whole school, cohort, group or individual levels.

Reduce teacher workload.

Reduce teacher workload.

Any teacher can facilitate learning with Persona Life Skills, in the classroom, in blended learning or in remote learning.


Easily accessible with just a browser on Chromebook, Surface, laptop, PC or tablet, our ready-made modules and built-in teacher onboarding and guidance, mean less demand for specialists, and reduced lesson-planning workload. And there’s no marking.

Social, practical and memorable personality insights

The personality insights framework at its heart makes Persona Life Skills unique.


Designed specifically for young people, Persona helps students understand that everyone has a mix of personality styles influencing how we think, communicate and behave – which can change rapidly, especially when we are young.


Our technology enhanced curriculum guides students in using the framework – built upon solid behavioural science evidence – to develop social-emotional life skills, helping them adapt to life challenges, in turn boosting their wellbeing and employability.

Social, practical and memorable personality insights
Causal link between life skills and wellbeing

Causal link between life skills and wellbeing

A review of 17 research studies found a robust causal link between developing life skills and improved social-emotional wellbeing (source: The Centre for Education & Youth).

Social-emotional learning boosts academic results

Social-emotional learning boosts academic results

Analysis of 213 UK schools found those with well-developed social-emotional learning delivered 11% higher standardised achievement test results (source: Public Health England).


Good wellbeing means better job stability

Good wellbeing means better job stability

There is one-third less job-hopping, and employment stability is 34% higher, among young people with good levels of wellbeing (source: Gallup).

Who we work with

Ansford Academy (UK)


Persona is central to our commitment to knowing our students as individuals and making sure they have the best experience of school and learning.

elc International School (Malaysia)

Head of Student Welfare

The Persona Life Skills programme gave us a new perspective and platform to implement PSHE.

Derby City Council (UK)

Education Officer

The Teacher Island gave a very accurate assessment of my Persona. It was very fascinating and quite nuanced. It's a great resource and I'm sure schools will find it useful.

Clifton College (UK)

Head of PSHE

Staff and students have enjoyed and benefitted from the platform, and the Persona team have been incredibly supportive.

Prior Park College (UK)

Mathematics Specialist

You have an algorithm that is very accurate. I look forward to sharing the results with the children.

Samantha de Senna Fernandes

Teenage wellbeing blogger

I find Persona very educational and insightful. It is a great platform for everyone to self-reflect, improve and learn new things about themselves and others.

Stanchester Academy (UK)


I can see how Persona fits into our existing focus on building student character and would absolutely wish to trial it next term.

Wellsway Multi-Academy Trust (UK)


An e-learning approach to life skills would be a lot easier than finding teachers with the ability to deliver it.

Ansford Academy (UK)


We love the impact Persona is already having in the life of our school community. Just having a shared language we use when talking about our self is a huge step in the right direction. I would recommend more schools take a look!

Ralph Allen School (UK)

Head of Wellbeing

If you understand yourself and others better, you’ll be far more productive, in school and in the workplace.

Palladian Academy Trust (UK)


Wellbeing is our most fundamental value. In fact it’s our moral duty.

Barton Peveril Sixth Form College (UK)

Student, Year 12

Persona helps develop skills such as communication through understanding different personalities, and how that applies to both yourself and to others.

PSHE Solutions (UK)


Persona allows students not only to enhance their attainment in some traditional measures, but also their self-worth and the 'soft skills' which are crucial to wellbeing, further study and employability.

Eastbury Community School (UK)

Equality & Wellbeing Lead

The Persona Life Skills resources couldn't come at a better time, in my opinion.

Prior Park College (UK)

Student, Year 11

I really liked the entire interface, and felt the content was very good. I like how there is a whole breadth of content over different topics as well.

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