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Persona Education newsletter - A Spiral Curriculum for developing Life Skills


The OECD suggests a possible explanation for the global fall in teenager social-emotional skills and wellbeing is the lack of spiral development of these skills in school. In a Spiral Curriculum, concepts are presented repeatedly, with increasing depth and/or across different contexts, improving learning in many ways.

Persona Life Skills is the only personal development platform with personality insights at its heart, where students age 13-19 develop social-emotional skills to boost their wellbeing and employability.  

Spiral learning enables students to go back and look at previous learning and understanding, weaving together new details with old knowledge. The Persona Life Skills pedagogy starts with students discovering their unique mix of personality styles. Then in modules on life skills and life challenges, students are asked to reflect upon their 'Persona' and how it affects their thinking, communication and behaviour. This repeated reflection builds the foundations of a Spiral Curriculum in Persona Life Skills.

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Video: Introducing Persona Life Skills social-emotional online learning

Video: Personality insights social-emotional e-learning for year 9-13, with Persona Life Skills


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Persona Education webinar 26-Sep


Delivering PSHE or Citizenship? Join our Expert Q&A webinar on 26-Sep-23 

You won't want to miss our 'Two Helens' Expert Q&A webinar on 26-Sep-23! Two highly experienced educators will discuss a whole school approach to Personal Development for maximum student impact. Helen Sartain is Head of PSME at The English College in Prague, and Helen Blachford is Director of Personal Development at Bohunt Trust in the UK.

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Persona Life Skills teacher onboarding module


Persona Life Skills includes a 'Teacher Onboarding' module

Getting started with Persona Life Skills is quick and easy. We've included a Teacher Onboarding module to introduce the pedagogy, curriculum and student outcomes – plus the Persona Insights personality quiz. Create a free account to take a look, and discover your own unique Persona!

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Create a free Persona Life Skills teacher account and use it with as many students as you like, for as long as you like. No download; no installation. With ready-made modules and built-in guidance, any teacher can facilitate the learning.

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Where next on our EdTech journey?

More and more employers and recruiters are looking at skills alongside – or even instead of – qualifications, to find the best-fit candidates when employing young people. As recently reported in FE News (and elsewhere), there has been a shift in demand for workplace skills towards soft skills, also known as Life Skills or transferable skills.

This month we are releasing FIVE new lesson-long life challenge modules that will help develop your students' soft skills, and prepare them for the world of work they will soon be entering:

     1. Work Experience

     2. Job Choices

     3. Getting Along With Colleagues

     4. Giving Presentations

     5. Leadership

Our Oct-23 webinar will introduce these new modules, and meanwhile you can register a free account to preview all five new Workplace modules from later this month, and start using them with your students.

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Best wishes,

Pete Read
CEO & Co-founder

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