New platform content: ‘Teacher Onboarding’ module

Persona Life Skills - Teacher Onboarding Island

Persona Life Skills e-learning now includes a new teaching training module, 'Teacher Onboarding', to support teachers new to the platform in facilitating student learning confidently, through understanding the pedagogy, the curriculum, and the student outcomes.



By Dr Leila Khouja Walker, Chief Product Officer


We have created a Teacher Onboarding Island learning module for teachers new to the Persona Life Skills online social-emotional learning platform.

If you already have a Persona Life Skills teacher account, you can access the Teacher Onboarding Island here, or by navigating to 'Islands' in the top menu.

The purpose of the Teacher Onboarding Island module is to support any teacher in facilitating Persona Life Skills confidently, through understanding the pedagogy, the curriculum and the student outcomes. All in just 30-45 minutes, at a time and place that suits the individual teacher. 

Persona Life Skills has been purposely designed so that any teacher, regardless of expertise in social-emotional learning (SEL), PSHE, life skills or wellbeing, is able to support this critical area of student development.

The Persona Theory of Change:

Persona theory of change summary


While working through the Island, teachers are encouraged to answer personality insights questions about themselves, similar to those which students will answer.  

Persona Life Skills - Teacher PIQs


They consider the benefits of understanding personality and how to interpret their own Persona Insights, so they can guide students in making use of their positive characteristics, while also learning to be mindful of growth areas.

This ensures teachers experience first-hand the use of personality insights in accelerating and deepening development of social-emotional life skills.

Persona Life Skills - Teacher Onboarding, Explore 1 Q1


The structure of the Teacher Onboarding Island, and the learning experience, mirrors that of the learning modules students can take within Persona Life Skills. Once on the Island, teachers are taken on a journey through the key features of the platform, step by step:

  • The Persona personality insights framework.

  • Choosing the right content and life skills for their Group or an individual student to work through.

  • Facilitating student learning modules – in-class, flipped or remote – including how to access teacher guidance.

  • Monitoring progress through an overview of their Group, and viewing individual students' progress in detail.

Persona Life Skills - Teacher Onboarding, Explore 3 progress


As with all the student learning modules, the Teacher Onboarding Island ends with a Viewpoint section – a series of reflection questions to ensure the teacher has all the information they need to make a great start facilitating Persona Life Skills.

Persona Life Skills - Teacher Onboarding, Viewpoint


As a school leader responsible for SEL, PSHE, wellbeing or life skills, with our Teacher Onboarding Island, you can be confident your teachers – who we know are often time poor and not expert in this area – will be ready to facilitate social-emotional learning using Persona Life Skills, with less than an hour of self-taught preparation, and no need for for additional in-person or video-call training. 

Register a free account for your school or college to take a look at the Teacher Onboarding Island in more detail, and to explore all our student social-emotional learning modules.


Persona Education offers free access to its Persona Life Skills personality insights e-learning platform for secondary schools and colleges interested in developing their students’ social-emotional life skills, to boost wellbeing and employability. To request a demo of the platform please get in touch – we would love to talk to you!

About the author: Dr Leila Khouja Walker has been working in the education sector for 25 years. An ex-teacher and pastoral deputy head, she is now a respected edtech and pedagogy thought leader, leading development of the personality insights life skills e-learning app Persona Life Skills, at the Bristol based edtech company Persona Education Ltd.

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