Persona Education Newsletter, Aug-22

Persona Education newsletter Aug-22 - The Future Workforce, AI, Education and Skills


Ensuring that young people can thrive in the workplace is an educational responsibility. The future workforce needs to be able to do the jobs that machines cannot.

Persona Life Skills is the online social-emotional learning platform where students age 13-19 develop life skills for wellbeing and employability, with a unique personality insights framework at its heart.  

Artificial Intelligence threatens to automate millions of jobs we recognise, and create millions more that we have not yet even imagined. The future workforce therefore needs to be able to do the jobs that machines cannot. Alongside technical and digital skills, there is a massive requirement for a range of ‘softer’ skills. At Persona Education we call them Life Skills.

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Video: Introducing Persona Life Skills social-emotional online learning

Video: Personality insights social-emotional e-learning for year 9-13, with Persona Life Skills


Persona Life Skills - First Job Island icon


New modules help students prepare for the world of work

Persona Life Skills now includes two new modules to help students prepare for the world of work: Interview Ready and First Job. Students learn communication skills for a job interview, and how to make a smooth start when they begin work.

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Leila Khouja Walker NetSupport interview with Al Kingsley


EdTech influencer Al Kingsley talks to Persona Education's Dr Leila Walker

When Persona Education co-founder Dr Leila Khouja Walker appeared as a guest on Al Kingsley’s NetSupport Radio, a wonderful conversation flowed between two educators who share a passion for evidence-based edtech solutions.

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New feature Student self-registration - Persona Education Newsletter Mar 22


New feature: Student self-registration

Persona Life Skills now includes a student self-registration feature, where students can create an account using a code to attach themselves to the correct school and group, choose their own password, and instantly start using the platform.

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Create a free Persona Life Skills teacher account and use it with as many students as you like, for as long as you like. 

No download; no installation. With ready-made modules and built-in guidance, any teacher can facilitate the learning.

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Where next on our EdTech journey?

The fantastic team at Persona Education continues to develop more social-emotional learning content for the Persona Life Skills platform. The latest series of 22 self-directed My Guided Tour ‘Challenge’ (Level 3) modules is well under way, guiding students on adapting to other people’s needs to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. 

Now available: 

  • Setting shared goals
  • Dealing with other people’s stress
  • Building realistic time expectations
  • Actively listening to difficult conversations
  • Learning from others
  • Presenting to a group
    ...and more

These modules make use of the Persona Adaptability feature and require a paid subscription for students to access, but teachers/admins can play through them even with a free account.

If you already have a Persona Life Skills teacher account, click here to see the new modules (have your username and password ready). Or register for a free account here then sign in and head to the My Guided Tours screen.

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Best wishes,

Pete Read
CEO & Co-founder

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