Persona Education Newsletter, Jan-21

Persona Education Newsletter Jan 2021 - Personality insights to boost student wellbeing during lockdown.


Boost student wellbeing in lockdown, using personality insights to develop life skills such as communication, stress management and resilience.

Persona Life Skills is a social & emotional learning web app for schools and colleges, with a unique personality insights framework that helps to improve student wellbeing in lockdown. 

Using the Persona thinking framework, students age 13-19 learn how to achieve positive outcomes in different situations, by adapting their communication and behaviour. Long term, this boosts wellbeing.

As the UK is locked down once more and learning goes online, Persona Education offers an online tool that can be used to support students in developing key life skills and competencies such as their understanding of themselves and others, communication skills – both online and in real life – and collaborative working. Building these life skills leads has been proven to increase wellbeing, which our students need right now, more than ever.

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Video: Personality insights social-emotional e-learning for year 9-13, with Persona Life Skills

Video: Personality insights social-emotional e-learning for year 9-13, with Persona Life Skills


Persona Life Skills Tablets


Web-based e-learning. Sign up. Start using

Designed to work equally well in remote home learning as in the classroom, our platform is hosted in the cloud. With no more than a browser on Chromebooks, PCs, laptops and tablets, and built in guidance, any teacher can facilitate the learning journey. More >

Jo Malone, Director of Education - Persona Life Skills


Persona people: Jo Malone, Director of Education

Jo is a true global education expert, with over two decades experience in teaching, e-learning, dialogic education and teacher training. “My passion is supporting teachers and students in developing competencies that bolster relationships and improve communication. The increased awareness of self and others impacts positively on student wellbeing, and I’m sure you will agree these life skills are of the utmost importance right now.” More >

83% say lockdown impacting mental health - Persona Education


83% say lockdown impacting mental health

Unsurprisingly, the coronavirus and the public health measures designed to prevent its spread are having a profound effect on many young people, according to YoungMinds. Over 4 in 5 young people under 26 who have looked for support report lockdown makes their mental health worse. More >


Try Persona Life Skills at your school or college free of charge, with any number of students age 13-19.

No download; no installation. All your students need is a browser and an Internet connection

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Not yet ready to try Persona Life Skills? We’d be happy to arrange a demo. Please complete the form, select ‘I’d like a demo’ and we will be in touch to arrange a time.

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Where next on our edtech journey?

As we head back into lockdown in the UK for at least the next six weeks, our thoughts are with the educators and teachers at the cutting edge who are dealing admirably with the immediate impact and day to day challenges of the changes imposed upon schools and teaching.

We are proud to be supporting schools, sixth form colleges, pastoral heads and social & emotional learning teachers with the latest version of our personality insights e-learning platform Persona Life Skills, which was released last week. It’s fully remote-learning capable – in fact we have designed it from the bottom up to be equally effective in lockdown as in classroom learning. 

Some of the latest developments in the app:

  • Three lockdown-relevant Islands (learning modules) are now included with a subscription: The Unexpected (yes, pandemics included!); Group Work; and Getting Along With Teachers – get in touch to find out more
  • Teachers can now do their own personality insights, and invite other teachers in their school to give a third party perspective.
  • And, with funding from Innovate UK, we’re working on increasing the accuracy of our personality insights and mindfulness tips.

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With a big thank you to the team at Persona, and our wonderful customers, research schools and students, tech partners and supporters.

Best wishes,

Pete Read
CEO & Founder

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