Persona People: Jo Malone, Director of Education

Jo Malone, Director of Education - Persona Life Skills

Jo provides onboarding, guidance and support for schools and colleges using Persona Life Skills.

“My passion is supporting teachers and students in developing competencies that bolster relationships and improve communication. The increased awareness of self and others impacts positively on student wellbeing, and I’m sure you will agree these life skills are of the utmost importance right now.”


Jo is a true global education expert, with over two decades experience in teaching, e-learning, dialogic education and teacher training. A social & emotional learning (SEL) and PSHE thought-leader, she has worked across many areas of education, both in the UK and internationally.

She graduated in History at the University of London, before qualifying as a teacher with a PGCE from Durham University and going on to teach and train in secondary schools and local authorities.

At Persona Education, Jo leads our customer success activity, helping schools and colleges get started on their Persona e-learning journey, and providing continuing support.

With her long experience of working with students, teachers and e-learning, she is ideally placed to understand a school’s perspective, and advise on how and where our online personality insights platform will best fit and most benefit students’ life skills and wellbeing.

We are on a mission to boost the wellbeing and success of young people globally. Get in touch.

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