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If the 1990s political clarion call was "Education! Education! Education!" then our post-pandemic call for the 2020s should surely be: "Wellbeing! Wellbeing! Wellbeing!"

"Catch-up" has become a divisive term of late. But whatever form catch-up takes, it must be informed by research, evidence-led, and sufficiently resourced to make an impact. And the precursor for any successful catch-up learning outcome is wellbeing. 

Teachers are learning professionals; they use their expertise to achieve optimum learning outcomes. Since research shows that wellbeing is a key precursor for academic success, we need to provide our teachers with an opportunity to become wellbeing experts in the learning context. With this new knowledge and skill, teachers – regardless of subject specialism – will be able to integrate wellbeing strategies into their lesson plans and daily interactions with students. 

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Video: Personality insights social-emotional e-learning for year 9-13, with Persona Life Skills

Video: Personality insights social-emotional e-learning for year 9-13, with Persona Life Skills


New app content - Social Media Chat Island learning module - Persona Life Skills


New app content: ‘Social Media Chat’ Island learning module

Persona Life Skills e-learning now includes a new Island learning module, 'Social media Chat', in which students learn social-emotional life skills to help make social media a positive space. More >

Persona People - Student voices - Persona Education Newsletter April 2021


Persona people: Student voices

"It makes you reflect on what you learned, and apply it."

"The questions were a good balance between easy and hard."

"Helps teenagers to understand how you come across to others."

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Social emotional learning can boost academic results by 11 percent


Social-emotional learning can boost academic results by 11%

Promoting wellbeing through social-emotional learning can boost academic outcomes. An analysis of 213 SEL programmes by Public Health England found an 11% boost in results in standardised achievement tests, as reported in The Guardian this week in a piece about the focus of school catch-up. More >


Try Persona Life Skills at your school or college free of charge for six weeks, with any number of students age 13-19.

No download; no installation. All your students need is a browser and an Internet connection

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Where next on our edtech journey?

We continue to uncover well-researched evidence supporting the causal chain which Persona supports and strengthens: From knowing yourself and others, to developing social-emotional life skills, which in turn boosts wellbeing.

And wellbeing enables three very important aspects of any young person's life: Social, where SEL programs can reduce anti-social behaviour by up to 50%. Learning, where good wellbeing means 10-20% better GCSE results. Work, where wellbeing contributes to 34% less job-hopping.

Here are the latest features and content now included with a Persona Life Skills subscription – get in touch to find out more:

  • Teacher Onboarding – an Island (learning module) for teachers, saving them time and giving them the confidence to teach Persona Life Skills, through understanding the pedagogy, curriculum and outcomes.
  • Cambridge IGCSE mapping – our Islands are now mapped against Cambridge IGCSE skills such as cultural awareness and intellectual enquiry (as well as many other frameworks).
  • My Guided Tours – micro-learning modules supporting individual students on particular life skills, such as active listening, self-confidence and effective teamwork.


With a big thank you to the team at Persona, our investors and advisors, and all our inspiring schools and students, tech partners and supporters.

Best wishes,

Pete Read
CEO & Founder

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