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Six students - Persona Life Skills

What students say about Persona Life Skills

As UK education begins to focus more on student wellbeing in the wake of the pandemic, we are pleased to see Persona Life Skills being adopted across a wide range of schools and colleges, from academies, to community schools, independent schools and sixth form colleges – as well as international schools.

Hundreds of students have now had an opportunity to experience our Persona Life Skills social-emotional skills e-learning platform. From PSHE classes in Year 9, through collapsed timetable days for Year 10 and 11, to sixth-formers working through the modules independently, here is some of what students say.


How students benefit

“Persona helps develop skills such as communication through understanding different personalities, and how that applies to both yourself and to others.”

“Persona is a website that helps teenagers to understand your personality and how you come across to others.”

“It confirmed some things that I knew about myself and revealed some that I had no idea about.”

“Persona Life Skills is very useful for the transition between secondary school and college; using it to deepen an understanding of ourselves.”


Views on the app

“It’s a very unique resource that makes teenagers focus on mental health and identity.”

“The questions were a good balance between easy and hard.”

“It keeps people engaged with short answer and longer answer options.”

“I liked the drag and drop activities.”

“It makes you reflect on what you learned, and apply it.”


Improve your students' wellbeing with Persona Life Skills

Enhance your social-emotional learning (SEL) scheme of work with our engaging e-learning platform, Persona Life Skills, and boost your students’ wellbeing and employability.

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