Secondary students experience more of Persona Education’s social-emotional learning platform with a 90 Day Trial

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Bristol, UK, 31st January 2022

Innovate UK funded edtech startup Persona Education has announced the free version of its popular social-emotional learning platform for secondary schools and colleges, Persona Life Skills, will now include a 90 Day Trial of content and features previously only available with a paid subscription.


Persona Life Skills_Persona Education_Online Social Emotional Learning Platform

Image: Persona Education’s online social emotional learning platform Persona Life Skills


Persona Education, the UK based edtech company partly funded by Innovate UK and Google Cloud for Startups, is making additional content and features in its Persona Life Skills social-emotional learning platform available in a 90 Day Trial.

The additional content and features previously only available with a Paid Subscription are now accessible by any school or college worldwide which registers a free account, and the 90 Day Trial can be started at any time, and even put on hold during school holidays or vacations.

Learning modules now available in the 90 Day Trial include teacher-facilitated life challenge modules such as ‘Self Love’ and ‘Preparing for Exams’, and self-directed learning modules such as ‘Goal-setting’ and ‘Time Management’.

“The new self-love island that Persona has created is so helpful in terms of making people realise the basic foundation of self-love. It allows you to become more conscious of your self-talk and what we should all do to treat ourselves and others better, especially when things get tough. Self-love is a very sensitive topic but much-needed for discussion and I'm glad that Persona took the time to start and build a conversation around it.”
– Student, Year 12, Clifton College, UK.

Secondly, the 90 Day Trial also gives teachers access to an impact dashboard where they can monitor and track students’ activity, engagement, and life skills acquisition progress, at individual, group and whole school level.

Thirdly, there is something for the teachers: The 90 Day Trial gives teachers access to a specially designed version of Persona’s unique personality insights quiz, and access to their own ‘Persona Profile’, similar to the one seen by students using the platform. This gives teachers insights on their self view of their own personality – their ‘Persona’ – and how that differs from how other teachers view them. They can also see where other teachers’ Personas are focused in the Persona framework.

Their Persona Profile also offers guidance on growth areas they might like to consider, and aspects to be mindful of, in terms of how they think, communicate and behave, to achieve mutually positive outcomes in different situations.

Persona Life Skills is the popular online social-emotional learning platform with a unique personality insights framework at its heart, where students age 13-19 develop life skills that help to boost their wellbeing and employability. To date, almost 200 schools in 26 countries have signed up to use the platform, with over 40,000 students.

The platform offers a scaffolded, age-appropriate online learning curriculum for Year 9-13/Grade 8-12 (KS3, KS4, KS5) secondary students, built around Persona’s unique personality insights framework rooted in behavioural science, and complementing existing school RSE, PSHE, SEL, life skills and wellbeing lessons.

“We felt it was very important to give students, teachers and schools a good opportunity to experience the personalised learning and scaffolded approach that Persona Life Skills delivers, over a generous period of time, so they really get a feel for it and what it can do for them. Students tell us the platform has helped them get to know themselves better, improved their confidence and social interactions, helped with managing school work, and benefited them in many other ways. We want as many young people as possible to have the same experience.” said Pete Read, CEO & Founder of Persona Education.

To register a free account with access for any number of students, visit



About Persona Education Ltd

Persona Education is a UK based edtech company developing social-emotional learning solutions for students and educational institutions that boost wellbeing and employability. Its online learning platform Persona Life Skills is built around a unique personality insights framework specially designed for young people, and has been adopted by hundreds of schools and colleges in over 20 countries. For further information contact or +44 (0)117 313 2897.

About Persona Life Skills

Persona Life Skills is an online Social-Emotional Learning platform with a unique personality insights framework at its heart, helping schools and colleges boost wellbeing and employability for students age 13 to 19. The scaffolded, age-appropriate curriculum works equally well in the classroom or in blended learning, guiding young people to develop life skills for social, learning and work situations that map to popular benchmarks including Ofsted, ISI, CBSE and more. For further information contact or +44 (0)117 313 2897.

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