Persona Education is a Finalist in the GESS Education Awards 2022

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Bristol, UK, 26th September 2022

Persona Education has today been shortlisted as a Top 10 Finalist in the respected GESS Education Awards 2022, as one of the 'Best Products to Promote Wellbeing in the Classroom'. The GESS Education Awards are organised by Global Educational Supplies & Solutions (GESS), which organises education events in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.


GESS Awards 2022 plus Persona

Image: Persona Education


The GESS Education Awards highlight and reward the quality and diversity of educational products, resources, services and people as well as the best educational establishments and the most dedicated members of the teaching profession. The GESS Education Awards aim to encourage the raising of educational services and product standards throughout the industry, and aim to be recognised throughout the sector as the accolade of excellence.

There was an overwhelming response to the call for applications, and GESS Education was inundated with submissions for all award categories, of an extremely high quality. The GESS Awards Gala Dinner will be held at the H Hotel, Dubai, on the 16th of November 2022, to celebrate achieving excellence in education and discover the winners for this year.

The suppliers awards are presented to suppliers that supply education establishments with high-quality, safe products, appropriate to everyday teaching and learning needs. Products and services are judged based on how they meet the needs of schools today – including the response to challenges brought forth by the COVID-19 pandemic – how they demonstrate outstanding customer-care, testimonials from schools and colleges illustrating the impact on learning and the work of the teacher in the classroom.

Persona Education has been selected as a Top 10 Finalist in the 'Best Product to Promote Wellbeing in the Classroom' category, in recognition of its mission to take on the global teenager wellbeing crisis, with Persona Life Skills, a unique Social-Emotional Learning platform built around personality insights. This is the only personality insights platform designed specifically for young people, as well as the only Social-Emotional Learning platform built around personality insights. The software incorporates unique intellectual property developed with funding from highly sought-after Innovate UK grants.

Hundreds of schools in 37 countries have registered to use the Persona Education wellbeing and employability platform, with over 85,000 students, and it is being taken to market by an experienced team with a strong >20 year track record, supported by a high quality advisory panel.

Pete Read, CEO & Co-founder of Persona Education, said, “We are very excited to be chosen as a finalist for the GESS Education Awards. In only our second year in the market, we have been shortlisted alongside such industry heavyweights as Huawei and Upstrive, which is a real accolade. One of the biggest challenges within the world of education is the effective delivery of Social-Emotional Learning to secondary students, to address the crisis of decreasing levels of wellbeing among our teenagers. This is a hugely important issue in almost every country around the world. Wellbeing is not just a 'nice to have' – it has a direct impact on academic attainment, employability, life choices and life satisfaction. As today's teenagers get older there will be a negative cascade into society as a whole if we don't address the problem in a preventative way, at scale, now. Persona Life Skills is designed to be part of that solution, and this recognition from the GESS Education Awards is a welcome validation.”

To find out more about the GESS Education Awards, visit the programme website.



About Persona Education Ltd

Persona Education is a UK based edtech start-up developing life skills solutions for secondary students and educational institutions. Its web and mobile online learning platforms are built around a scientifically proven personality insights framework, that is social, practical and memorable. For further information contact or +44 (0)117 313 2897.

About Persona Life Skills

Persona Life Skills is an online Social-Emotional Learning platform for schools and colleges that uses personality insights to help teenagers navigate their life journey. The scaffolded, age appropriate curriculum guides students in building 22 life skills that map to Ofsted, ISI, Skills Builder, IB Learner Profile, AS Tracking, VIA Character, Gatsby and other benchmarks. For further information contact or +44 (0)117 313 2897.

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