Persona People: Samantha de Senna Fernandes, Student Ambassador

Samantha de Senna Fernandes, Student Ambassador, Persona Life Skills

Samantha is our Student Ambassador, helping fellow teenagers understand the benefits of Persona Life Skills and how it can help with the challenges they face.

“As someone who is keen on personal development, I find Persona Life Skills very educational and insightful. It is definitely a great platform for everyone to self-reflect, improve and learn new things about themselves and others.”


Incontinentia Pigmenti survivor Samantha de Senna Fernandes is a teenage student from Macau, China, at school in the UK. She blogs and speaks in schools, to give courage to those of her kind, shed light on how to build a consistent relationship with family, warn about the fragility of health and explain the nature of attracting friends who are meant for you, while knowing your worth to eliminate those who aren’t. She educates the bullies and empowers the bullied.

Samantha also enlightens teens on the reality behind romantic relationships, toxicity and breakups. She raises awareness about the toll on mental health caused by social media, and attempts to enrich the lives of video game addicts. But most importantly, she uplifts teens to stand up and strive for who they truly are.

In her online platform RichMindz Samantha writes blogs, connects with teens around the world, and offers one-on-one counselling calls. She also hosts her own podcast called The RichMindz Podcast which is available on various streaming platforms. She is a writer and an editor for The Clifton Herald newspaper and has also written articles for YoungMinds – a leading charity fighting for young people’s mental health in the UK.


You can stay up to date with Samantha at:

We are on a mission to boost the wellbeing and success of young people globally. Get in touch.

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