Persona People: Pete Read, CEO & Founder

Pete Read, CEO, Persona Education

Pete founded Persona to boost the wellbeing, employability and success of young people.

“I’m on a mission to boost the wellbeing, employability and success of young people globally, empowering them now and into the future with Persona’s personality insights. I believe in a world with less conflict and more cooperation.”

Pete founded Persona Education in 2019 to bring the benefits of personality insights to young people, at a critical age range, and in our times, when they increasingly need help with getting to know themselves, understanding others, developing life skills and relationships, and making better decisions in the life challenges they all face.

By developing accessible e-learning solutions that help to fill some of the gaps that education systems can leave open, he aims to boost social and emotional capabilities, wellbeing and employability for millions of young people globally.

At Persona Education, Pete leads the team, guides company strategy and contributes to many aspects of our work. He enjoys putting his long experience of working with social styles and personality insights to good use in content development.   

Before founding Persona, Pete built several consulting and software companies in Europe and Asia, after studying at King’s College London and the London School of Economics. One of these companies was voted the no.1 consulting company to work for in Asia-Pacific in a survey of 800 industry employees, out-performing all the major firms and winning best-in-class on diversity, gender equality and LGBTQ+ equality. 

We are on a mission to boost the wellbeing and success of young people globally. Get in touch.

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