Persona People: Dr Leila Khouja Walker, Chief Product Officer

Dr Leila Walker, Chief Product Officer, Persona Life Skills

Leila co-founded Persona Education and leads our e-learning platform development.

“I’ve worked with thousands of teenagers, and taking care of their wellbeing is as pivotal now to any success in school and exams, as it was back in 1995 when I entered my first classroom as a teacher. The opportunity to develop Persona as a learning resource focused upon life skills for wellbeing is fulfilling a life-long mission.”

Leila is an edtech product expert and ex-teacher focused on addressing social issues. An educational app concept, research and development leader, she has wide experience in designing and applying technology for social benefit.

She gained her PhD/MPhil Education from Cambridge University, and has worked across digital inclusion, social injustice and learning innovation.

At Persona Education, Leila leads our e-learning curriculum and app creation, with the overarching aim of improving life skills and wellbeing amongst teenagers.

She expertly translates personality insights research into e-learning applications that have the power to transform the decision-making choices young people make, in social, learning and work settings.

We are on a mission to boost the wellbeing and success of young people globally. Get in touch.

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