Persona Education Newsletter, Sep-23

Persona Education newsletter Sep-23 - Equipping young people to be workplace ready


Five new teacher-facilitated life challenge modules have been released in our online student personal development platform Persona Life Skills, supporting students in Workplace related scenarios, such as work experience, choosing a career path, and getting along with colleagues.

Persona Life Skills is the only personal development platform with personality insights at its heart, where students age 13-19 develop social-emotional skills to boost their wellbeing and employability.  

Alongside the technical and digital skills required for the future workforce, there is a massive requirement for a range of ‘softer’ skills, also known as transferable skills. All 22 Life Skills covered in the Persona Life Skills platform are relevant to the workplace, spanning everything from Time Management to Effective Teamwork and Empathy. The five new modules support students in preparing for life in the workplace: Work Experience; Job Choices; Getting Along With Colleagues; Giving Presentations; Leadership.

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Video: Introducing Persona Life Skills social-emotional online learning

Video: Personality insights social-emotional e-learning for year 9-13, with Persona Life Skills


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Persona Education Expert Q&A webinar 26-Sep-23 recording


Webinar recording: Expert Q&A on Student Personal Development 

Missed our 'Two Helens' Expert Q&A webinar on 26-Sep-23? No problem! The 61 min recording is available on demand, in which Helen Sartain from The English College in Prague and Helen Blachford from Bohunt Trust in the UK discussed a whole school approach to Personal Development for maximum student impact.

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Persona Life Skills spiral curriculum


A social-emotional skills Spiral Curriculum with Persona Life Skills

Spiral learning enables students to weave together new information with existing knowledge. Our pedagogy starts with students discovering their personality styles. Then they reflect repeatedly upon their 'Persona' and how it affects their thinking, communication and behaviour, building the foundations of a Spiral Curriculum in Persona Life Skills.

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Create a free Persona Life Skills teacher account and use it with as many students as you like, for as long as you like. No download; no installation. With ready-made modules and built-in guidance, any teacher can facilitate the learning.

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Where next on our EdTech journey?

Among many recent surveys and reports, a new report from edtech success case Kahoot! which polled 1,000 young people recommends that employers prioritise soft skills training to help socially anxious Gen Z employees. 

The ZetaPulse Gen Z Workforce Study revealed that:

  • 90% face social discomfort or anxiety while at work
  • 44% feel uneasy or nervous to deliver presentations
  • 38% do not feel comfortable voicing their opinion during a meeting

Our Oct-23 webinar will introduce these new modules in more detail, and meanwhile you can register a free account to play through all five new Workplace modules, and start using them with your students.

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