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Student wellbeing and employability are now a priority for secondary schools and colleges. Persona Life Skills is a free online resource to transform tutor time, careers education and PSHE/RSE lessons.

Persona Life Skills is the online learning platform where students age 13-19 develop social-emotional life skills for wellbeing and employability, with a unique personality insights framework at its heart.  

Yes, wellbeing and future skills are more important than ever – but many tutors and teachers delivering PSHE, RSE, life skills and careers education are non-specialists, and lack resources. Persona Life Skills is a flexible online platform that complements your existing approach. Our 15-20 minute life skills modules will transform tutor time or workplace skills sessions, and our 45-60 minute life challenge modules are perfect for PSHE or RSE lessons. Plus, students can sign in anytime to take more life skills modules or check out their Persona Insights. 

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Video: Introducing Persona Life Skills social-emotional online learning

Video: Personality insights social-emotional e-learning for year 9-13, with Persona Life Skills


Relationships and sex education with a capital ‘R’ - Persona Life Skills - Persona Education Newsletter Sep 21


Relationships and sex education with a capital ‘R’

Relationships and sex education (RSE) should support our young people in developing relationships that are Respectful, Responsible, Robust, Resilient, Reciprocal and Rewarding. Persona consults young people all the time, and seeking insight for our ‘Healthy Relationships’ modules recently, we asked 26 young people in the UK about relationships.

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User research: Student views on Persona Insights - Persona Life Skills - Persona Education Newsletter Sep-21


User research: Student views on Persona Insights

A very insightful group of about 100 ‘thought leader’ secondary student product testers on Instagram, who provide opinions and feedback on app features and ideas, were recently asked about Persona’s personality insights concept. Over 90% liked what they saw.

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Social-emotional learning contributes to better academic outcomes - Persona Life Skills - Persona Education Newsletter Sep-21


Social-emotional learning contributes to better academic outcomes

For many secondary schools, social-emotional learning has traditionally been seen as something of an add-on. But academic results are not actually higher in schools where SEL is put on the back burner. In fact the reverse is true. There is robust evidence pointing to a positive correlation between investing in a well-developed SEL programme, and improved, measurable academic outcomes.

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Create a free Persona Life Skills teacher account and use it with as many students as you like, for as long as you like. 

No download; no installation. All your students need is a browser and an Internet connection.

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Thank you for reading, and for the many of you starting a new school year, I wish you a smooth and rewarding journey!

To help you stay in touch with other like-minded teachers and educators around the world, I invite you to join our Life Skills & Wellbeing Community of Practice on LinkedIn. As a member you will have access to the group of over 80 experienced practitioners, and you will be invited to join our sharing circle and expert Q&A webinars every couple of months..

Finally, a request to help us spread the word and make Persona Life Skills available to more students: please forward this newsletter to three other secondary teachers who could benefit from the free Persona Life Skills resources to help with their tutor time, PSHE, RSE, careers education, life skills or wellbeing teaching. Thank you.


Best wishes,

Pete Read
CEO & Founder

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