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Give your secondary students a fun, safe space to practise and develop much-needed social and emotional life skills.

The digitally played scenarios built into the Persona Life Skills personality insights e-learning platform are one way of compensating for the lack of ‘real life’ most students are currently enduring. And setting these in a specific context – social, learning or even workplace – means life skills start to become more relevant and meaningful. 

We are not expecting to see a roadmap out of lockdown for the UK until the end of February, and it seems likely most secondary students will continue to learn remotely online for weeks or months after that. Even when schools do re-open, the sea change in teaching and learning caused by Covid-19 means a blended learning approach is now much more likely to be a normal part of being at school for many. By design, Persona Life Skills can be taught as effectively in remote learning as in the classroom. 

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Video: Personality insights social-emotional e-learning for year 9-13, with Persona Life Skills

Video: Personality insights social-emotional e-learning for year 9-13, with Persona Life Skills


Make a positive impact with your Pupil Premium funding - Persona Education


Make a positive impact with your Pupil Premium funding

More and more schools are taking a wider approach to the use of their Pupil Premium, with less of a focus on academic support, and more on social and emotional wellbeing, working towards reaching their Ofsted personal development targets. More >

Shonogh Pilgrim - Ansford Academy - Persona Education Newsletter Feb 2021


Persona people: Shonogh Pilgrim, Headteacher of Ansford Academy

Shonogh, inspirational headteacher at Ansford Academy in Somerset, was one of the first to adopt Persona Life Skills, and this week gave 60 teachers the opportunity to try out Persona’s personality insights for themselves as part of a CPD day on Wellbeing. “We really enjoyed our day! Persona is central to our commitment to knowing our students as individuals and making sure they have the best experience of school and learning.” More >

Casual link between lifeskills & wellbeing - Persona Life Skills


Causal link between life skills and wellbeing

Meta-research by The Centre for Education & Youth looking at 17 papers examining skills interventions, found that robust studies highlight a causal link between such interventions and improved social & emotional wellbeing among children and young people, as well as the prevention of negative behaviours. More >


Try Persona Life Skills at your school or college free of charge, with any number of students age 13-19.

No download; no installation. All your students need is a browser and an Internet connection

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Not yet ready to try Persona Life Skills? We’d be happy to arrange a demo. Please complete the form, select ‘I’d like a demo’ and we will be in touch to arrange a time.

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Where next on our edtech journey?

To quote Persona's insightful Director of Education, Jo Malone, “Communities matter now more than ever. A sense of belonging, having communal support and a sense of 'we are all in it together' really matters. This wellbeing, being couched in a compassionate community is especially important for our young people.”

Well put. The wellbeing of young people is what Persona is all about. Our scaffolded learning modules show students how their unique mix of personality styles can impact thinking, communication and behaviour, and guide them in developing social and emotional life skills that help them adapt to different situations. They are then able to build more productive relationships, and this in turn boosts their wellbeing. And as we know, better wellbeing means more agency and purpose, fewer mental health issues, better learning outcomes and greater employability.

Two new Islands (learning modules) were released this week and are now included with a Persona Life Skills subscription – get in touch to find out more:

  • Friends – simply titled, it’s all about what a great friendship looks like, and how to make friendships even stronger.
  • Preparing for Exams – few students in the UK may be taking the exams they were expecting this year, but this module helps them manage their time and emotions in the run up to any testing situation.

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With a big thank you to the team at Persona, and all our inspiring schools and students, tech partners, advisors and supporters.

Best wishes,

Pete Read
CEO & Founder

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