Online personality insights to boost wellbeing during lockdown

Online personality insights to boost wellbeing during lockdown

During a Covid-19 lockdown, teenager wellbeing can take a big hit. It’s important to ensure that your Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) – whether delivered in PSHE lessons or other settings – is helping students develop the life skills that will help to support their wellbeing during this challenging time, and beyond.


By Pete Read, CEO & Founder

Student wellbeing during lockdown

As the UK is locked down once more and learning goes online, Persona Education offers an online platform that can be used to support students in developing key life skills and competencies such as their understanding of themselves and others, communication skills – both online and in real life – and collaborative working.

Building these social and emotional life skills has been proven to increase wellbeing, which our students need right now, more than ever.

Personality insights and life skills

Persona Life Skills is a social & emotional learning web app from Persona Education, with a unique personality insights framework at its heart, that helps to improve student wellbeing in lockdown. Using this framework students learn to improve important life skills that are even more important than usual in a lockdown situation, such as verbal and written communication skills, stress management and resilience.

Relationships are at the heart of good teaching and learning. Lockdown round one in Spring 2020 emphasised this as teachers and school leaders struggled with technology, tools and approaches to maintain and foster these relationships alongside delivering the curriculum.

During remote schooling, these relationships are of elevated importance for the wellbeing of students – and of staff. The Persona Life Skills e-learning platform is perfectly placed to support students in developing skills and competencies that bolster relationships, improving communication by prioritising understanding of self and others, using a unique personality framework.

Flipping the remote classroom

Persona Life Skills, which has been designed specifically for secondary schools and colleges, engages students in a way that lends itself wonderfully well to blended learning, flipping the remote classroom. Students can be easily set up to work their way through the curriculum, known in Persona parlance as the ‘Archipelago’. Learners progress through a series of scaffolded, age-appropriate ‘Island’ modules, representing different life challenges.

They learn about personality styles and how these impact behaviour and communication; complete personality insights questions to learn about their unique mix of personality styles – or their ‘Persona’; have the opportunity to see how others perceive them; and then explore how the skills they are learning can be applied in the real world, whether that is an online or real life world.

Teachers can then gather groups together in a video conference when an Island has been completed, to discuss the learning. They may also use video call tools such as polls, break-out rooms or online chat boxes to increase interaction during this synchronous teaching time.

Persona Education offers free access to its Persona Life Skills e-learning platform for secondary schools and colleges interested in developing their pupils’ essential social & emotional life skills, to boost wellbeing and employability. 


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